Friday, May 13, 2011

My heart was captured when you possessed it

Lots of lovin, lots of lovin...

Got to check out new PXL Gaia skinline and it is pretty awesome if I say so myself! At first I was a little iffy only due to being such a lover of LAQ and because the skinline has the eyes shadow and lipstick on two layers....I just cannot bring myself to be in total love with Viewer 2. However I do think this is a GREAT idea so you can really personalize it any way you want! Go formal,sweet, or even tacky if that is your thing!

Also the freckles !♥♥! I am gaga for! The skinline comes with 2 hairbase styles plus a bald skin+ one Buzz Haircut),3 body styles with cleavage enhancement (normal and pushup ) and a small breast effect and 3 eyebrows colors: Light , Medium & Dark . Eye options are Nude Eyes or No makeup,Cat eyes and Smoke Eyes.

So ladies and maybe gentleman... :P Go to the Skin & Shape Expo 2011 or PXL mainstore to get yourself into this beautiful creation!

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